Have Code, Will Travel?

Are you a Maker and or Hacker yearning to live, learn, work-play beyond the pale? Want to create things that people see but cannot believe possible? Dracherz|EM (Elektro Motive), a Worker-Owned Maker Cooperative is currently in formation.
Serving as the founding cornerstone of a Federated Union designed specifically for Professional Maker Cooperatives, we are a co-operative capitalist economic model directly accountable to our patronage and resident communities.
Note: To Knee-Jerk Reactionary Communists, Co-operative Capitalism is not related to AnCap or Anarcho-Capitalist philosophy or culture. About Cooperative-Capitalism
Our co-operative organization will utilize a variant of sociocratic decision-making principles for maximum engagement and personal autonomy. About Sociocracy
What Is Sociocracy and Why Do You Need it?
The Dracherz focus is on creating an evolutionary step forwards in the paradigm of mobility ecosystems, initial offerings will be for motorcyclists but with intended general applicability for all electric vehicles on land, sea, the air above, and beyond.