[Sculpteo] 3D Printing Materials: Plastics, Filled Resin Composites, Metals

I am not certain of the thought process behind it, however my consistent observation over the past 6 years is of a majority of otherwise reasonable people I have come in contact with will matter of factly state they know little or nothing about what I have just mentioned,in this case materials available for 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing), then after I provide basic information verbally about the well developed ability to produce parts relatively quick from a broad range of materials from plastics, composite plastics, and durable metals, they will tell me that can’t be true, that I don’t know what I am talking about.

Though frustrating, I am far more curious at what goes on in a person’s mind when they do this. Any effort to point out the glaring cognitive disconnect between one moment certain they don’t know then aggressively contradict information they have no logical reason to doubt.

In many cases the person will speculate what they insist what they “feel” is more likely true, then aggressively argue that opinion is equivalent to my priviously stated fact that I’ve invited them to confirm using the $600 to $1,100 smartphone they are holding and appear to use primarily to play Candy Crush, listen to music, watch video, text message.

Anyway, though this 3D Print Service Buearou has a broad selection of production materials, it in no way exhaustive and new materials are introduced almost every month. Some are durable more stable, less expensive iterations of existing materials while others extend the performance range of available materials, particular metallic objects that with minimal final processing can often out-perform traditional manufactured parts a lower overall or more accurately, Systemic Costs.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Age, an age of co-operatives on creative collaboration, owning means of production formerly accessible exclusively by massive international industrial concerns.

Through select technologies our networked Micro-Industrial framework enables us to offer highly personalized, that is bespoke wares at systemic costs on parity with premium mass produced goods.

The future belongs to those who invent it, which historically meant the wealthy dictated our Fates. These enabling technologies and innovative organizational models such as worker-owned, co-operative capitalism enabled creative communities is the dawn of a revolution.

Here is where you tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about 😉