Tonƞβarr™ General Specifications
Craft Type: All-Electric, Hydrofoil Assisted Wing-In-Ground Craft
Full Authority Fly-By-Wire and Digital Engine Control
Ship Builder Dracherz|EM Cooperative

Hull Composition

  • Titanium and Bonze Aluminium Alloys
  • Metallic Glass
  • Ceramics
  • Carbon Composites

Main Engines HTS Electric Rolls Royce Pegasus Inspired Vectoring Thrusters

  • Pumpjets (Waterbreathing)
  • Turbojet (Airbreathing)

Service Speed

  • Waterborne 20 knots
  • Foilborne 140 knots
  • Flareborne 460 knots

Flight Crew: Pilot, Navigator, Systems Engineer, Concierge

  • Total Capacity 204 Passengers and Crew

Cabin Appointments: Full Environmental Control, Toiletry, Carry-on Luggage Compartments, Complementary Secure DataComm (Cellular/WiFi)